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Foreign Policy and National Security in 2018 (links to key issues):  

FY 2017 Funding:

Collection of CRS Reports on Middle East

Collection of CRS Reports on Foreign Policy and Regional Affairs


Budget Function
Program or Program Categories
Source for Data: Budget of the United States, OMB FY 2017 Outlays Baseline
FY 2017
(baseline projections)
 CRS: Evaluating Effectiveness of U.S. Foreign Aid

International Affairs (Budget Function 150)

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Development Assistance $2.9 billion
International Food Aid $1.6 billion
CRS: Refugee Admissions and Resettlement Policy $3.3 billion
Global Health Programs $8.9 billion
Disaster Assistance $2.5 billion
Multilateral Development Banks $2.3 billion
International Narcotics Control $1.6 billion
US Agency for International Development Operations (USAID) $1.5 billion
Foreign Military Financing Grants and Loans $6.2 billion
Economic Support Fund $6 billion
Nonproliferation, antiterrorism, demining, and related programs $1 billion
State Department Operations $8 billion
Embassy Security, Construction, and Maintenance $1.8 billion
Contributions to International Organizations $1.5 billion
International Peacekeeping $2.5 billion
Educational and Cultural Exchanges and International Broadcasting $1.6 billion
Millennium Challenge Corporation $0.7 billion
International Trade and Finance
Major Foreign Aid Initiatives