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Pew: Fiscal Federalism Initiative

Brookings: Federalism

Pew: Federal Share of State Revenue Rises as Medicaid Grants Expand  July 25 2017

CRS: Federal Grants to State and Local Governments – A Historical Perspective on Contemporary Issues June 22 2017

CRS: Department of Homeland Security Preparedness Grants – A Summary and Issues  Oct 28 2016

CRS: Federalism Issues in Surface Transportation Policy – A Historical Perspective  Dec 8 2015

Pew: Fiscal Federalism by the Numbers  Sept 21 2015

CRS: District of Columbia – A Brief Review of Provisions in District of Columbia Appropriations Acts Restricting the Funding of Abortion Services  Aug 27 2015

CRS: Congressional Disapproval of District of Columbia Act under the Home Rule Act  March 24 2015

CRS: Federalism, State Sovereignty, and the Constitution: Basis and Limits of Congressional Power  Sept 23, 2013

CRS: Federal Grants-in-Aid Administration – A Primer  Oct 3 2012

GAO: Federalism – Previous Initiatives Have Little Effect on Agency Rulemaking  June 30 1999

GAO: Federalism – Implementation of Exec Order 12612 in the Rulemaking Process  May 5 1999

CBO: Federalism and Environmental Protection  Nov 1997

CBO:  Fiscal Federalism and the Partnership Act of 1987  Nov 1989

See also:  Federal Funds Information for States (FFIS.org)


Grants and Federal Domestic Assistance


Guidance and key resources to help eligible grantseekers find information on federal grants, loans, and nonfinancial assistance, as well as on private funding.

Prepared by the Congressional Research Service for the U.S. Senate, updated February 2017.