Chronological Blog List

Click & Print: 2018 HOUSE-SENATE CALENDAR blogs in chronological order:

  1. Welcome to! 1/29/17
  2. Budget Reconciliation, the Byrd Rule and the Affordable Care Act 2/11/17
  3. Budget Challenges Facing the new Treasury Secretary and OMB Director 2/14/17
  4. Trump and House GOP Propose Sweeping Changes to Healthcare, Budget Priorities, and Taxes  3/8/17
  5. Trump Budget Outline Calls for Massive Shift in Spending Priorities 3/16/17
  6. Essential Facts About the American Health Care Act (“Trump Ryan”) 3/24/17
  7. How Tax Reform Will Unfold: The political landscape in the wake of Trump-Ryan health bill’s demise 3/27/17
  8. The Senate’s “Nuclear Option” — How it Works and Why it Matters  4/4/17
  9. Washington Update: State of Play on Appropriations/Shutdown, Health Care, Tax Reform, Infrastructure, Economy, Debt Ceiling, Budget, Regulatory Rollback 4/7/17
  10. Possible Government Shutdown Looms 4/29/17
  11. Finding the Right Metrics for the First 100 days 5/02/17
  12. ACA: Healthcare Repeal-and-Replace 05/09/17
  13. FY 2018 Budget: Major Clashes Expected on Appropriations, Tax Cuts, Entitlement Cuts 05/22/17
  14. FY 2018 Trump Budget: Top 10 Things You Should Know 05/24/17
  15. CBO Projects 23 Million Uninsured, More Instability under AHCA 05/31/17
  16. The Dangers of Distraction: Health Care, Debt Ceiling, Dodd-Frank Repeal, Shutdown, Tax, Infrastructure 06/12/17
  17. The Process is Not the Problem; the Problem is the Problem 06/15/17
  18. $2 Trillion Infrastructure Gap and Tax-Exempt Bonds 06/21/17
  19. McConnell Postpones Health Bill While Looking for 50 Votes; Senate Bill Adds 22 Million Uninsured, Cuts Medicaid 35% by 2036  06/29/17
  20. Heavy Agenda as Congress Returns: Health, Budget, Spending Caps, Debt Ceiling, Tax Cuts, Appropriations 07/10/17
  21. Updates: Health Bill, Social Security, Budget, Debt Ceiling, Appropriations  07/14/17
  22. UPDATE: Appropriations, ’18 Budget, ACA, Debt Ceiling, CBO  07/25/17
  23. Tax Cuts and Infrastructure Stalled; October Shutdown, Default Loom 08/14/17
  24. Fiscal Cyclone: Hurricane Harvey aid, Federal Debt Ceiling, and Government Shutdown; Budget and Tax Cuts Stalled; Health Update 09/06/17
  25. Fiscal Cliff in December and Stalled Tax Bill 09/12/17
  26. Tax Reform Framework; GOP Abandons ACA Repeal/Replace; Appropriations Stalled 09/26/17
  27. Senate Budget Committee Releases Budget Resolution 09/29/17
  28. Budget Resolutions Advancing to Enable GOP Tax Cuts; Shutdown & Debt Ceiling Loom 10/10/17
  29. What You Need to Know About Senate’s Budget-Tax Resolution and Complex Year-End Spending Negotiation 10/18/17
  30. What You Need to Know About Tax Reform 11/04/17
  31. Tax Bills Advance; Latest on Appropriations, Debt Ceiling, Health 11/13/17
  32. December: Tax Cuts, Federal Shut-Down, ACA Mandate, Debt Ceiling 11/27/17
  33. REAL-TIME Updates on Tax Agreement, Spending/Shutdown, Health, Debt, Disaster-Aid
  34. Tax Bill Hits Americans with Disabilities — with Medicare cuts, higher health premiums, lower investment in accessibility, fewer job opportunities, and potentially huge cuts in Medicaid and other key entitlements.
  35. REAL-TIME Updates: Appropriations, Entitlements, Disaster-Aid, Debt-Ceiling, Taxes — SEE HOME PAGE