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Charles S. Konigsberg has 30 years’ bipartisan experience in legislative and budget process, fiscal, tax, energy, health, and human services policy in the U.S. Senate, White House Office of Management and Budget, trade associations, and nonprofits.

Mr. Konigsberg served as a senior staff member in the U.S. Senate for thirteen years. He served four years as General Counsel at the Senate Finance Committee. As General Counsel, he managed the Committee’s half trillion- dollar deficit reduction legislation – a key step in achieving the federal budget surpluses of FY 1998-2001. For two of those years, he also served as minority Chief Health Counsel overseeing enactment of Medicaid, Medicare, and children’s health legislation.


  • Assistant Director, White House Office of Management & Budget
  • General Counsel, Senate Finance Committee, majority staff
  • Chief Health Counsel, Senate Finance Committee, minority staff
  • Chief Counsel, Senate Rules & Administration Committee, minority staff
  • Staff Attorney, Senate Budget Committee, majority staff
  • Vice President, Strategy & Policy, NEMA (electrical/medical imaging manufacturers)
  • Author, America’s Priorities: How the U.S. Government Raises and Spends $3 Trillion per Year (2008), 431 pages
  • Creator of, a nonpartisan fiscal policy website.
  • Adjunct Professor, Budgetary Politics, GWU Graduate School of Political Mgmt.

Mr. Konigsberg spent four years in the Executive Office of the President serving as Assistant Director at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) where he managed legislative affairs with the Senate for three successive OMB Directors. He managed the writing, editing, and negotiation of the President’s Statements of Administration Policy (SAPs) on extremely tight deadlines to ensure that Administration positions were fully and clearly communicated prior to congressional votes. He advanced the President’s budget and fiscal policy priorities, and designed and launched a daily legislative report for the OMB Director and senior White House officials. He also managed implementation of the President’s item veto authority and worked on the Solicitor General’s legal team in preparation for Supreme Court review of that authority. In 1999, Mr. Konigsberg was awarded for Outstanding Service to OMB.

Mr. Konigsberg began his Senate career as Staff Attorney at the Senate Budget Committee where, as one of two attorneys advising the Chairman, he reviewed all Senate legislation for compliance with federal budget laws and wrote the first two editions of the Committee’s plain English explanation of the congressional budget, authorization, and appropriations processes. Mr. Konigsberg developed a smooth and productive working relationship with Senate committees, Senate leadership, parliamentarians, the Congressional Budget Office, the Office of Management and Budget, and the General Accounting Office (now the Government Accountability Office).

After the Budget Committee, Mr. Konigsberg served at the Senate Rules & Administration Committee for six years, ultimately serving as Minority Chief Counsel for the Ranking Member. In that capacity, he was responsible for a wide variety of legal, procedural. labor, and institutional matters involving the U.S. Senate and its committees of jurisdiction. He developed a highly productive, smooth, and bipartisan working relationship with the majority staff, and provided strategic and policy advice to the Ranking Member on tax, federal budget, international trade, energy, and procedural matters impacting his State.

In 2010, he was Director at the Bipartisan Debt Reduction Task Force that included nineteen former Governors, Mayors, Cabinet officers, Congressmen, Senators, and representatives of the academic, business, and labor sectors. The Task Force achieved an unprecedented accomplishment – bipartisan consensus on a detailed, long-term federal budget plan to stabilize the debt, strengthen Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and simplify the tax code.

Building on his bipartisan public service, Mr. Konigsberg served as Director of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs at the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal parent agency to AmeriCorps, Learn & Serve America, and Senior Service Corps.

An experienced writer, Mr. Konigsberg is author of America’s Priorities: How the U.S. Government Raises and Spends $3 Trillion Per Year (431 pp., 2008), which has received bipartisan praise: “Charles Konigsberg has done a great service for American taxpayers—giving all of us a clear, direct and meaningful guide to $3 trillion of our money that goes to the government to fund programs that shape our daily lives.” (Norman Ornstein, AEI) “This is an extremely useful book—both for those seeking a comprehensible introduction to the complexities of the federal budget and to practitioners needing a…refresher course.” (Alice Rivlin, Brookings, OMB, CBO, Federal Reserve) On-line version. As an adjunct professor, Mr. Konigsberg taught the budget and legislative processes to graduate students at George Washington University.

Mr. Konigsberg is founder of, which provides nonpartisan information on fiscal and public policy. He has been interviewed by Voice of America, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, PBS NewsHour, Bloomberg Radio, Fox Business News, ABC Radio’s Money Talk, CNN Money, National Public Radio, National Journal, The Hill, and Congressional Quarterly/Roll Call.

Mr. Konigsberg served as Vice President for Strategy and Policy at NEMA, the Association of Electrical and Medical Imaging Equipment Manufacturers, where he provided daily strategic and legislative advice to the CEO on issues critical to the success of electrical and medical imaging manufacturers. Accomplish- ments at NEMA include: building a broad industry coalition on tax reform incentives for energy efficiency technologies; leading the effort to develop and assemble industry recommendations for the President’s Quadrennial Energy Review; managing the progress and budgets of the Association’s multiple strategic initiatives including energy efficiency tax incentives, smart cities, microgrids, state code adoption, and cybersecurity; developing an industry resource manual to assist State and local jurisdictions in rebuilding after superstorm Sandy; and building constructive working relationships with Congress, the White House Office of Management and Budget, and the U.S. Trade Representative.

He graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio in 1980 and from the Case Western Reserve School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio in 1983, where he was Executive Editor of the Law Review. He lives in Reston, Virginia with his wife Amy and son Eddie.

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