Budget Process Overview

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Timeline of Budget Process Reform Developments

March 7, 2017:  CQ Roll Call reports that 28 states have passed resolutions calling for a constitutional convention designed to pass an amendment mandating a balanced federal budget.
March 2, 2012: CRS Report: Budget Process Reform Proosals in 2012
May 20, 2010:  CRS: Budget Process Reform Proposals in the 111th Congress
Oct. 1, 2002:  Budget Process Reform Proposals in the 107th Congress

Overview of the Budget Process:

Appropriations Process: Spending Caps, Continuing Resolutions (CRs), and Government Shutdown

Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment

Budget Enforcement:  Budget Control Act of 2011

Budget Enforcement: PAYGO and Sequestration

Budget Enforcement: Points of Order

Budget Laws and Terminology

Budget Reconciliation Process and the Byrd Rule

CBO: Dynamic v. Static Scoring, Unfunded Mandates, and Related Issues

Debt Ceiling


Federal Credit

Performance-based Budgeting

Rules and Practices Governing Tax Bills