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  • Senate GOP released a revised health care bill on Thursday which tentatively includes the controversial Cruz amendment that gives insurers the ability to circumvent consumer protections with low-cost, low-coverage plans. The revised bill drops tax cuts for high-income earners, but leaves in place deep cuts in Medicaid.  At the same time, GOP Senators Graham and Cassidy are working on a different alternative that would also keep ACA tax increases but send revenues to the States....
    • President’s Budget Runs $720 billion deficit:  The nonpartisan CBO released its annual re-estimate of the President’s Budget, concluding that the President’s Budget would generate a $720 billion deficit in 2027 rather than the balanced budget predicted by the President’s budget office....
    • Social Security Insolvency in 2034:  The Social Security Trustees released their annual report projecting that the Social Security Trust Funds will have insufficient resources to fully cover retirement and disability benefits beginning in 2034....
    • Medicare HI Insolvency in 2029:  The Trustees also released their annual assessment of the Medicare Trust Funds, finding that the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund -- which is funded by payroll taxes -- will have insufficient revenues to cover expenses in 2029....
    • GOP House leaders are having trouble assembling 218 votes for a 2018 Budget Resolution because conservative Freedom Caucus members want more entitlement cuts than the $200 billion proposed by Budget Committee leaders, while moderates want fewer cuts....
    • House Appropriations Committee continues to move FY ’18 Appropriations bills through subcommittee and full committee even though bipartisan negotiations have not yet begun on new top-line (“statutory cap”) levels for defense and non-defense discretionary spending. When new cap levels are eventually agreed to, all committee bills will have to be significantly revised....
    • Debt Ceiling:  In announcing the Senate would shorten its traditional August recess by two weeks, Senate Majority Leader McConnell hinted he may try to address the debt ceiling in August....

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